Thursday, July 09, 2009

Healing for the Soul

So, I told you I was going to be babysitting one day this week, and that I thought maybe I had found an opportunity to have my soul healed by being with children, right?
I thought watching Matthew with the younger children would bring me joy. I imagined God would lift my spirits as I heard childish laughter. And those things happened.
But I wasn't expecting God to go farther than that.

Note to self: Remember that God is able to do far more than you could ask or imagine. Get into the habit of expecting Him to do greater things.

I was watching my friend's children - a toddler and an infant - and when the infant woke from her nap I needed to give her a bottle. I sat with her on the couch and began feeding her. Just then her big brother started fussing, so I hoisted him up to sit next to me and tried talking with him to get him to calm down.
But that little guy didn't want my words. He had his sights on one thing, only.

His sister's bottle.

I tried giving him his cup of water. No deal.
I rubbed his back and sang to him. He didn't like that.
I reminded him that he wasn't a baby anymore - that he got to drink from a cup like a big kid - and wasn't that cool???!!! If he was able to form the words, I think he would have responded with something like, Yeah, whatever, Mrs. Hossink. Just give me the bottle!
My little friend sat on the couch next to me and just cried and cried while he pointed at his baby sister's bottle. I wished so much there was something I could do to calm him and help him understand. Wished I could figure out a way to get his focus off the baby bottle. And in that moment I realized God was drawing a picture right before my eyes.

How many times have I had my eyes fixed on someone else's something, wanting it so desperately that I was unable to recognize the very good thing of my own, which was sitting right next to me?
How often have I refused to receive God's comfort because I simply didn't think anything else could satisfy me except for that thing I couldn't have?
And could it be that I have sometimes wanted things that just were not appropriate for me? That maybe God didn't give me the thing I wanted so dearly, because He knew better than me?

Sitting on the couch, looking at my frustrated toddler friend - knowing his anger was unnecessary - I was reminded once again that God knows more than me. And I can trust Him.
Seems to me I have two choices. I can focus on the thing I want, crying and fussing because I don't have it. OR I can listen to my Father's voice as He assures me He knows what's best, and I can receive His comfort while my heart learns to trust.

Hmmmm. Thought I was just babysitting. Didn't realize God was going to use a crying toddler to bring healing to my soul!

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Leah said...

Wow!! God really spoke and now He has spoken to all of us through you!!

I've been away on vacation and out this week with my mom's surgery and so I've obviously missed something in your posts. Something that you desire, yet haven't gotten. I'll have to go back and catch up.

Have a blessed day, Karen.


Denise said...

Well, that was even better than I imagined it could be! I've been waiting to hear how it all wrapped it up..and wow, a lot to learn there. I'll be keeping that in mind as my three year old wants to know who I have to hold and cuddle my nephew all day today and tomorrow. S4 is sure that 'Jr' will steal all his toys and blankies and maybe his baby chick! Your post will be ringing in my head for the next two days, I'm sure! Thank you so much for sharing!

luvmy4sons said...

I love it! I love it! So awesome! God uses my children all the time to show me my childish heart and ways and help me to understand His Father's love! That is great! Remember: "I am just trying to get the poop off your butt?" LOL! Hugs!

God's girl said...

Ouch...Big ouch...Bigger ouch...biggest ouch...

Oh, how this post spoke to me today! Thank you for letting God speak through you and for sharing your experience so that God could use your words to "tweak" us...

You, my dear, are a blessing, and I so appreciate you:)

Love, Heaven

On Purpose said...

I want to choose to listen to His voice and allow Him to comfort, nurture and feed my soul...thats living right smack dab in the middle of peace and love...thats where I want to be, need to be...

Thank You Karen for passing on the love!

Ronel Sidney said...

It just so happens this is just what I needed to hear today, I have been that toodler fussing for the bootle and I need to be satisified with my cup because He knows what I need and just when I need it... thank you for this amazing reminder.

The Redouteys said...


You have reminded me again how God uses my children to teach me more about Himself. I just need to keep my eyes and heart open!

km said...

Oh how easy it is to covet.

Oh how HE is ABLE to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Karen, I admire the way you are always open to God's lesson in the ordinary.

I also admire that you freely share it with us.

Thank you, my friend & Sister. I love you.


LisaShaw said...

Abba Father is always teaching us. His wisdom tools in our lives are priceless.

Bless you for your sharing. Love you.

KarenW said...

That is an amazing analogy! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Pretty cool! :-)