Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remedial Sunday School

It was over fifteen years ago when my husband and I started attending the church where we are now members. And right away we joined the Young Marrieds Sunday school class. Loved that group of people! We learned so much about how to be married, as we shared life and experiences with these twenty-somethings.

Just a couple of years later, it was time for us to move on to the Parents Encouraging Parents class. (a.k.a. PEP! Yeah, cuz we needed extra pep with a new-born in the house!) Now we were with adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s - sharing life as parents. We studied together and prayed together. Laughed and cried together. It was another great group of people, and I was so thankful for the growth and encouragement we experienced.
And when some of them moved on to TAG, that is - Teens Are Great - I thought about the day when it would be time for me to move on again.

But something odd happened.

About five years ago God put a desire in my heart to stop attending adult Sunday school so I could be a teacher for elementary Sunday school. OK, honestly, I argued with Him about the change for a while - because I really loved my friends. But when I made the switch, the joy which filled my heart assured me I was in the right place.
So for the past several years I have been in second and third grade Sunday school, surrounded by seven, eight, and nine year-olds. It's a big change from my days with the adults.

But do you know what I have discovered?

God can speak to me just as clearly through the lessons for the kids as He did through the ones in the classes for adults.
This past weekend as I was preparing for Sunday morning, Matthew wasn't listening to me well. His ADHD was shining through and I was getting frustrated.
Just as I was about to lose it with him I read the key point for the current lesson: LOOK FOR WHAT JESUS SEES. I was getting ready to lead my girls in an exercise about seeing people through Jesus' eyes; about loving those who are sometimes difficult to love.

Aha! Standing right before me was a clear application for the lesson.

I smiled as I thanked God for painting a very clear picture for me. And I chuckled to myself as I considered the many, many times He has spoken to me before through these lessons "for the kids."

And it was then I realized I just may be in remedial Sunday school. I have been in second and third grade for the past five years!
I don't have any sense that I'll be "graduating" any time soon.
And I'm OK with that.
I love being a part of the lives of these precious girls. Love sharing my faith with them, and watching them grow in theirs. And if God knows that some of my best learning comes through elementary school lessons, well, who am I to question that???

How about you? Does God have you on the remedial or advanced track? *grin*

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luvmy4sons said...

Bless you for your service to the children. We reap what we sow. You are blessing them and God is blessing you. That is so awesome. I often ask God for Him to give me a new heat and love after a child that has been particularly difficult. To see him as Jesus does...He always answers that prayer!

Jessica said...


I'm not sure what track, but I'm guessing remedial. :-) what a great lesson to learn.

We used to have a young marrieds class and it was wonderful. I really wish there was a young parents class now.

Leah said...

I just love how God uses all sorts of visuals to teach us the lessons He desires us to learn.

I taught 7th and 8th grade kids one year and I learned more than they did. Now I'm teaching adults but again, I learn more than they do through my preparation and the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the lesson. I'm definitely on the remedial track as it seems I'm constantly faced with the same lesson over and over again. The day I actually "get it" will be the day I meet Jesus face to face!

Ronel Sidney said...

Hmmm.. I have been feeling like it is time for me to step aside in Mom's Ministry and move to somethig else... what I am not sure of yet but I am feeling a switch or evolution coming on... maybe I will be in remedial sunday school, too.. *sigh*

Chatty Kelly said...

I loved this. I got a very good lesson myself when reading a children's Bible to my 5 yr old. I blogged about it a while back, but God certainly does come where ever and however we seek him. :-)

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I'm in the repeat course track!

I love the way, Karen, that you see clearly God's lessons for you. I know I tell you that alot, but I really am impressed and thankful that you share those lessons with us!

So, did the big "whap" in your face leave a mark? :)


Edie said...

Hey that same guy who visited ADHD-Jo came and visited you too. He's kinda wordy isn't he. :)

God made me a Kindergarten SS teacher for several years. I was terrified but I experienced more healing through the love of those kids that I ever thought possible. And God always taught me something from the lesson I was to teach the kids.

The best experience was when I taught on Acts 8, Philip and the Ethiopian one Sunday. God used the lesson to remind me that He always goes ahead of us and that He orchestrates our circumstances and works out everything in His perfect timing. As I read about the Ethiopian getting baptized, a little girl said she had never been baptized. The Holy Spirit completely took over and without missing a beat I had the privilege of leading her to salvation in Christ. It was incredible.