Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Opportunity Found

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So there I was, feeling overwhelmed and rather distraught. I didn't see what God was trying to say to me with the statement, The soul is healed by being with children. But I wanted to understand, and I asked Him to help me.

Friends, when we ask for God's help - He is faithful to deliver!

I received a message from my blogging/FaceBook buddy, Lisa Shaw, and she reminded me that God would be my strength in the midst of the wait. Oh! I needed that encouragement.
Yes, an opportunity found to trust His strength.

Then I was sitting at my computer trying to get some writing done when two of my children approached me at separate times, with much to say. At first I wanted them to hurry up and finish their stories so I could get back to writing. (Just being honest!)
But then it was as if God said to me, Now, Karen, look at them. Your children love you and they just want to tell you about this thing that has them so excited. Remember when you were a child and you got excited about silly things? Let their joy flow into you. Stop taking life so seriously for a moment, and treasure your child's joy.
An opportunity found to enjoy a smile with my children.

Over the course of the next several hours I was asked to babysit, and to have a few of my sons' friends over in the following days so their moms could get some things done. While my initial reaction was one of, More kids? Really??? God quickly reminded me He would be my strength, and I remembered that my children would love having these other children around.
To be honest, often times I find it easier when there are more kids around, for the simple fact that my children enjoy it. They play new games together. Adventures in fishing and backyard hunting ensue. Matthew, especially, loves having the younger ones around because he is no longer the youngest, and I enjoy watching him shine. Truly, healing can come to my soul when I hear the laughter and see the camaraderie of children playing together.
Oh. Could it be? An opportunity found for my soul to be healed by being with children?

Friends, only God could bring me to that conclusion!

If you're feeling like you are in the middle of a pile of lost opportunities today, I pray God will open your eyes to the opportunities waiting to be found!
And please come back tomorrow. God surprised me with yet another lesson in this saga, and I'll post it Thursday morning.

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Jessica said...

Cool! My son always wants to tell me "one more thing" which usually ends up being a five minute monologue. LOL
I'll have to look into his cute little face and try to listen better.
Glad you found your opportunity.

luvmy4sons said...

There are so many lesson in being a many! It has refined my character like nothing else. I applaud your willingness to listen to the Spirit and learn! There is much He teaches us through children...for we are His children!

Anonymous said...

So glad He showed you the opportunity He had in store for you!! Great post, Karen, & it got me really thinking today as my daughter & I will be home all day together! :)

Patricia nyc

Ronel Sidney said...

Wow, what a great post about God showing you how to allow children's joy to over flow on you... I really need to hear that because I have had a tough transition back to work this week especially my morning routine and my little ones listening.

Thank you!!

km said...

I NEEDED that. And I will so be back tomorrow morning for the rest of the sage.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Yeah, I felt that way today with my husband. He wanted to talk just as I was going into the room to post and then write a little bit.

I must admit, the whole time I was thinking is he done so that I can go before the kids want something and then I'll never get to the computer and feel sane!


Denise Dykstra said...

This message you are sharing with all of us is JUST what I have needed this week! I even made mention of it in my blog ( It's such an important lesson to act out, and such a hard one to keep. I can't wait to read the rest tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing...

Melanie said...

A great follow-up to part 1!
My youngest son (12) has told me a few hundred times today that he is bored. I offered to ride bikes with him and watch him jump on the trampoline but really he just wants his older brother (15) to do something with him.

God's girl said...

Thank you for this timely reminder:)