Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Games People Play

I am in Australia this week! Riding on the Boomerang Express, where it all comes back to Jesus.

OK, I'm not really in Australia. It's VBS week at church, and we're visiting the Outback in our imaginations.
My daughter and I (That's us in the picture above - with one of our wall decorations.) are working together with a precious group of third and fourth grade girls, and we're having a blast!

Since we're having such a good time, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun with you. Fun in the form of a couple games my family played recently as we sat around the table after dinner. I'll tell you about one today, and the other tomorrow.

For the first game, you need to clear the table before you can play. When you're ready, have everyone rest their right hand on the table - extended toward the person on their right side. Then have them rest their left hand on the table - extended toward the person on their left. If you've done it correctly, every one's right arm will be crossed by the left arm of the person on their right.
Now, pick someone to begin the game by tapping one of their hands on the table. The hand next in line clock-wise taps next, followed by the next and the next. Until, someone taps their hand twice. Then the direction changes. And any time a person taps twice (Which anyone can do anytime they feel the urge!), the direction changes again.
If a hand misses a turn, taps out of turn, or takes too long to tap, that hand is out. Not the whole person, mind you, just that hand!
Play continues until only one hand remains.

This was a game learned at summer camp a few weeks ago, and we had tons of fun playing it at home. Lots of laughter! And the thing I enjoyed the most? My kids were playing together and no one was saying a mean thing to anyone else.
Ahhhh, music to this mom's ears!

Come back tomorrow for another game learned at camp!

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Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! LOL Trying to envision my toddlers playing this made me laugh. It sounds fun!
At first I thought you were really in Australia. Wouldn't that be awesome? :-)

luvmy4sons said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time at VBS! I love your playful heart! Blessings!

Leah said...

Sounds like a game that evokes lots of laughter and fun. Have a great week at Bible school. I loved Bible school when I was a kid!!!


Ceri said...

This is a great game - I played it loads during camps right through my teenage years. If you want to make it extra complicated, introduce a new step... Tap three times and the next hand misses their turn. Guaranteed a laugh if the next person along is half asleep or concentrating too hard on only the hand next to theirs!


LisaShaw said...

Hi Karen,

You and your daughter are so cute together. I'm so glad you are enjoying the VBS. The game sounds cute.

Continue to enjoy...these are precious memories you're creating also with your daughter.

Lots of love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

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