Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So What?

Yesterday I talked with you about Struggling with all HIS Energy. I told you about some of the ways God has been showing Himself faithful to me - how He is taking care of my circumstances and helping me to trust, rather than fret. But I felt I was getting a little long-winded so I didn't finish saying everything I wanted to say.
So today, I want to wrap it up by asking the all important question: So what?
God has shown me He'll take care of my circumstances.
He is teaching me to be still before Him, and wait patiently for Him - not to fret.
God has demonstrated that He is sovereign, even over my situations.

So what?

Armed with this knowledge, what am I going to do the next time my circumstances are rocked? What am I going to do when everything around me is yelling, "This is crazy, Karen. C'mon! It's time to fret!"
Oh, friends, pray for me - As I am for you! - that I may lean hard into God in the midst of those circumstances, that I may choose to be still and wait patiently, that I may remember His faithfulness and not fret.
That's the So what? I want to choose.
God is good.
I know that.
And I want to live that way!



Jessica Nelson said...

Me too. :-)

Irritable Mother said...

Jessica - Let's do it! *grin*

Mary said...

Praying for you friend. I am learning to 'embrace' the resting and waiting - although it goes against my nature. :) We can do it! Together!

Love you

Patricia/NYC said...

I'm with you!!!! Count me IN!!!

ANd boy do I need it...sitting here day 4 with Kiara & her tummy virus...sigh...

By the way...there is a GREAT post I read on http://thegypsymama.com/
it addresses this very subject (it's the post dated May 10th)...check it out if you get a chance!!

O Mom said...

Ugh, so true. It's one thing to know all this but that's it exactly, what are we going to do with it next time? Thanks for making me think about it... :)

Irritable Mother said...

Mary - It goes against my nature, too. But lately I have found myself doing several things that go against my nature. So I stop and give thanks and praise to God - because I know it is HIS power at work in me which is accomplishing these things.
With God, all things are possible.

Patricia - Good! :)
Hey, my tummy is hurting today. When you have Kiara all settled, will you come take care of me, too? LOL!

O Mom - You're welcome!

On Purpose said...

Thanks for the encouragement and motivation!

luvmy4sons said...

Oh amen sister. I do pray for you. Great exhortation to remember to lay all our cares at His feet!

Irritable Mother said...

Nichole - You're welcome. :)

Leslie - Thank you for praying.

Mary Voogt said...

Being still and patient. So tough yet so important. Great advice as always.

I wanted to share this post with you since I mentioned you :)


And I wanted to say thanks. God speaks through you!

Irritable Mother said...

Mary - Thanks for sharing that link. So, so glad to hear the ways God is working in you!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

It is easy to verbalize, but much harder to execute. Only through HIS power. count me in!!


Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

OMGosh.... have you ever read Trusting God, by jerry bridges? GREAT book. Whatever you underline or highlight could become your life manual. It is amazing. :)

Sara K. said...

Way to put legs to this truth, Karen. We've got to *choose* to rely on God's strength/energy -- as you said. Not easy.... but SOOOO worth it! It's like a really hard workout of those faith muscles -- it feels so good after you did it!

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - "Only through HIS power."
That's right!

Rachel - No. But I have read 'Growing Your Faith' and I think that's kind of a combination of Trusting God and another book of his. It was fantastic!

Sara - Yes, that's what it's like. And we can all be one another's personal trainers - encouraging each other to not give up when the workout gets really hard!

Edie said...

Me too. Working on it. :)