Monday, May 10, 2010

Struggling with all HIS Energy



On Purpose said...

There are many moments in the day that are SO much easier lived in His strength...actually not just many...but all moments! Thank you for this reminder that Jesus is in all the moments and that His strength is MORE than enough...I just have to be willing to tap into it!

Edie said...

Yes I will struggle with His energy today. :) He has been telling me not to fret, not to fear, and it is hard at times. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

I always pray when I can't find something. Usually it's my glasses. LOL! But whatever it is, God has always shown me where it is or brought the place to mind. I love your application here. As I look for a job I am asking God "Where do I look?". I never made the connection between this and something lost before now.

LORD thank you for the comfort and encouragement you have given Karen. Help her not to fret. Calm all of her worries and anxieties and keep her in your Perfect Peace. In Jesus Name ~ Amen

That color pink you are wearing in your video looks great on you. :)

Love you!

Irritable Mother said...

Nichole - Truly, He is all I need. And I am so glad He's willing to let me move in His strength.

Edie - Thank you, friend.
In His perfect peace. Yes! That is where I want to be.

Patricia/NYC said...

LOVED this!!! Yes, I WILL remember to struggle with His energy!! He's been coming through for me big time lately, but then again, I think it's because I am seeking Him first!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog today! Kiara is on the mend! Even a bit feisty! ;)

Oh! And I agree with "Edie" above...that color looks FABULOUS on you!!

Sara K. said...

God is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your encouraging examples, with the reminder to depend on God's strength/energy!! Yes! Let's do it!

gianna said...

I love watching you love God. It is so refreshing!

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - "I think it's because I am seeking Him first"
Yes, I think you're probably right. Because we know God doesn't change. So if something is different in our relationship with Him, it has to be that we have changed. Way to go!
(Thanks for the color comment. *grin*)

Sara - Yes, He is. And I constantly need those reminders. So thankful He gives them!

Gianna - And I love loving Him!