Thursday, May 20, 2010

More 'Daily Bread'

Yesterday I shared with you about an incident I had with Matthew before school recently. It delighted my heart to see how God was my Strength. He fought for me. All I had to do was be still. (I say 'all I had to do' as if that was an easy thing. HA!)
And I left that situation, thinking I finally had the right formula for how to deal with Matthew's shenanigans. Yes, that bad situation worked out so well, I thought all I need to do from this day forward is not nag, and Matthew will do his homework.

That's just the way I operate. I want to find the answer to all my questions so I know what to do - now and forever more. I want to be fully armed and equipped to handle all my future life situations. Today.

But that isn't how God operates.

And He demonstrated so the very next day.

Sparing you the details, I'll just say there was more unfinished homework for Matthew. However, I wasn't worried. Because the day before - all I had to do was not nag, and eventually Matthew did what he was supposed to do.
Not so on this new day.
On this day he had no desire for another bowl of cereal. There was no carrot I could hold in front of him as a motivator. Now my not nagging simply made the breakfast table quiet. Matthew was not moving toward completing his work.
And I was baffled. God, what am I supposed to do NOW?
Oh, He worked out the situation. God fought for me, again. But in doing so, He also demonstrated another lesson I need to learn.

Just as I need to rely on God for my daily bread in the material realm, so I also need to rely on Him for my daily bread in wisdom.

And I think I understand why.
If I had all the answers, if today God gave me all the wisdom I am ever going to need for the rest of my days while I'm raising these children, well - I might think I don't need Him anymore. I might think I can do this mothering thing on my own.
As it is, the very next day - after the two referenced above - I had another new issue with Matthew. He was upset, telling me he was NOT going to go to school, and I was at a loss. I didn't know what to do.
So I asked God for wisdom in that moment.
And He gave me an idea.
And although Matthew sat pouting on the couch, with his arms folded, telling me he would listen to my idea but he probably wouldn't go along with it - he did! God gave me my daily bread of wisdom, and Matthew agreed to it. God knew he would!

I'm getting it. Slowly.

God is my Strength. And every day He will give me the wisdom I need for that day.

Thank You, Jesus!



Nina said...

Wow...thank you Karen. What wonderful words. Oh your thoughts, your feelings, your struggles...they ring so true in my own heart, so very true.

Deirdre said...

I think I fall into this trap too. I so want God to give me answers that work every day the same way every time. But He knows that would NOT be good for me. If He did that I would never learn to trust and depend on Him.

basically a long way of saying "amen sister!"

Patricia/NYC said...

I think I am a day behind you on this path! lol! GREAT post, Karen, & EXACTLY what I needed today!! :)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

RYC: the Lime & Chili almonds are delicious!! Seriously! :o)

Wow.... I must say, the verse you posted yesterday got me through the day and I will continue to study and meditate over that verse b/c I truly need it.

And you are right, God lets us know what we need to know, when we need to know it. It's wonderful to know He's always there for us, never lets us down. :o)

Thank you!!

luvmy4sons said...

Right there with you finding myself needing Him in each and every moment every day.

BusyB said...

That is a great post every day he reminds us (we cannot do it on our own) : )

Irritable Mother said...

Nina - It's good to be in this together.

Deirdre - Amen. *grin*

Patricia - I'm glad this was timely for you. God is good that way.

UnSoccerMom - Regarding the almonds, I'll take your word for it. LOL!
Yeah, we're kinda on that need-to-know basis with Him, aren't we? But He always gives us what we need.
I'm glad that verse was helpful to you yesterday.

Leslie - *grin*

BusyB - And I don't want to do it on my own. It's so much better with Him!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

So thankful for God and His wisdom. And strength. And love....

gianna said...

I loved how you said that you want ONE answer for ALL the questions. That is totally me. I am learning that the Danny Silk stuff doesn't apply to exactly EVERY situation and I still need to ask God to help me.

On a side note, today, Maya, Brin, and Omri and I were walking to a garage sale. We were talking about the brain and how much it holds (since she starts school in the fall) and how it's amazing that as you get older, your brain holds more and more. Since I was older than Maya, I knew more than Maya. Since Grandma was older than me, Grandma knew more than me. Then, I paused and Brin piped up, "And I know more that HER!" It was so funny! But above all, God knows more than any of us (whether you know more that Grandma or not).

Sara K. said...

"I want to find the answer to all my questions so I know what to do - now and forever more." YES! I am the same way! But, as you said, I'm afraid I would feel I no longer needed to depend on the Lord. I have GOT to learn to call on Him MORE *throughout* the day!! Because I feel I am losing hope sometimes, as my crazy boys never give me a moment of peace! :/

Irritable Mother said...

Beth - And...the list keeps going, doesn't it? *grin*

Gianna - Yes, that's the thing with all the parenting philosophies that bothers me. It seems too tempting to think you just need to follow this or that certain program and all your troubles will be removed. BUT reality doesn't work that way.
I'm glad for the great ideas which abound, but I need to rely on God to help me know which to use and when, and when to put them all aside and follow His lead on a totally new thing.
Cute side note. :)

Sara - Let's pray.
Father in heaven, Giver of life and hope and peace, thank You for Your presence - which is all over Sara's days. Thank You that You never leave us alone in this world, but that You are faithful and present in every moment.
Tonight I am asking You to draw Sara close. I am asking YOU to give her moments of peace throughout her day tomorrow. And help her to see that they're coming from You.
Yes, LORD, please show Sara Your power by filling her with peace.
I'm asking it in Jesus' powerful Name.
Amen and amen!