Monday, January 18, 2016

Confessions of a Control Freak *re-post*

OK, so last week was my first week back to work. And, uh, it's taking some adjusting.
So, let's just say I didn't have a chance to record a video devotion.

Fortunately, I have an archive full of devotions from which to pull, and I found one I wanted to re-share.
I recorded this video shortly after Brian and I returned from a cruise we took two years ago. (The cruise we were going to take on our 10th anniversary, which became the one we were going to take for our 20th anniversary. Which we finally got around to seven months before our 21st anniversary.)
Anyway, I had completely forgotten this incident happened (The one I'm going to mention in the video. Not the cruise!) and it brought me such joy to be reminded. Hoping and praying God will use this to encourage you in your journey today.


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