Thursday, January 07, 2016

He is NOT My Enemy

So I'm gonna stop living like he IS.

I try, oh - how I try, to interact peaceably with my teenage son. Looking for just the right blend of I'm-the-mom-that's-why, let-him-be-a-kid-while-he-still-can, get-your-chores-done-now, tell-him-he's-doing-a-good-job, remove-your-boots-before-you-take-another-step, don't-sweat-the-small-stuff, I-love-you, and leave-him-alone-he-doesn't-need-mommy-right-now.

Wondering how long the search will last.

But I have discovered that in the midst of my searching, while I'm trying so diligently to cultivate a peaceful relationship, I have lost sight of who I am fighting. Er, have you seen War Room yet? I'm realizing I have a lot in common with Elizabeth. That is, just like she felt her battle was with her husband, I have been feeling like I'm fighting against my son.
Cue Miss Clara: You're fighting the wrong enemy!
Ah, no. My son is NOT my enemy. The enemy of my soul is the one causing all the trouble. And he is the one to blame for the turmoil between my son and me. My enemy doesn't want my son to feel love from me, doesn't want me to build him up, and certainly doesn't want God to be glorified in our relationship. So he whispers lies into my ear and gets me to believe my battle is against my son.
But thanks be to GOD!
The Lover of my soul (and my son's!) speaks Truth. He reminds me of His promises. He calls me to pray and tells me to never give up. Because HE will fight for me against the real enemy.

So this girl, here, is gonna get back to living like she knows who the real enemy is. Trusting the One who already has the VICTORY. By the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, this girl is gonna love her son when it's hard. She's going to pray for him when he's being temperamental and difficult to endure. She's going to recall the promises of God in the face of discouragement. And she's going to trust that in His time, she's going to see a beautiful picture unfold before her eyes.
Because God is good and He makes beauty from ashes.

Wherever you are today, I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether you're struggling with a teen, a toddler, or even the reflection in the mirror - may you surrender your battle to the One who can win it. Who knows what you need. And Who will never give up on you.

Come. Let's do our fighting from our knees.


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