Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now?

In retrospect, I imagine God must have been shaking His gracious head - wondering why I insisted on playing Verizon with Him.

It was last week, Wednesday, and I was preparing to go in for a job interview. I'd already interviewed with two other companies, had one job offer, and was asking God to direct my heart to the place He wanted me to go. In fact, I specifically asked Him to give me a sense of peace (or NOT) in my heart to help me make a decision. Then I gathered my stuff and headed out to the interview.
Things were going well enough during the interview and I thought I could see myself working at this particular facility. But then the scheduler said she had second and third shift positions to fill - that is 4pm to midnight, and midnight to 8am - and my heart sank. Because those shifts would not be conducive to family life for me and my tribe. Still - I felt the job would be very rewarding, an offer had been made to me, and I began to justify that it wouldn't be "too bad" because I would only be working part-time.

Three crazy shifts a week couldn't be unbearable, could they?

On the drive home I began to come up with other justifications and was building a case in my mind for why this job seemed right. Totally ignoring the sinking-heart feeling I'd gotten when the shifts were discussed. Seems I'd forgotten that I had suggested God could give me a NOT sense of peace as a way to direct my heart.
Then it occurred to me that I ought to call my contact person from the first job offer to ask a couple questions. I was making assumptions about a concern I had with that company and figured it best to verify rather than assume. Call it Divine intervention.
So that afternoon we spoke on the phone, and my fears were laid to rest. Furthermore, I received words of encouragement from her which made me feel relief. Not to mention a couple of text messages she sent after our call, which seemed to bring peace to my heart.
And that's about the moment it hit me.
While my heart sank during my interview earlier in the day, all these things associated with Grandhaven Living Center were making me feel peaceful.

It was as if HE were saying to me, Can you hear Me now???


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