Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Mail

At first I thought it was SPAM, and I was about to delete it.

See, I glanced at the name and didn't recognize it. So I figured the email was just another one of the dozens of junk messages I receive every day.
But then I read the subject line and my heart leaped with joy inside of me:
Safe and sound! - Wheaton in México 2016
The message was from my daughter's college professor, telling all 17 sets of parents that their kids had made it to Mexico. And my day of praying and wondering turned into a chorus of thanksgiving.

Saturday morning at about 3:45 I walked into Detroit Metro airport with Elizabeth, helped her get checked in and find her way to the security point, and then I walked out.
Without her.
My baby girl (who isn't a baby anymore) is spending this semester with her professor and 16 other Wheaton College students studying in Mexico. She is living with a Mexican familia, taking classes at a Mexican universidad, and being fully immersed in a new culture.
I am both excited and scared for her.
With both of those emotions in full force, I spent my entire day Saturday praying for my girl. Wondering if she'd made it to Dallas yet. Was she on the plane to Queretaro? Had she begun speaking only in Spanish - as her professor had instructed the students to do? Would she really be able to adapt to hearing, speaking, and understanding Spanish 100%? Was she going to become home-sick and wish she hadn't chosen to study cross-culturally?

All these questions turned into prayers as I waited for some indication that she had arrived in Mexico.

And then I received that good email - which seemed to me to be God's way of saying, OK, Karen. I managed to deliver your daughter safely over 2,200 miles today. You can trust Me to care for her heart and meet her needs, too. Have faith, dear one. I've got this.

And so, I'll trust.

How about you? What steps of faith is God asking you to take today?


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