Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Women's Listening Retreat

Nearly twelve years ago I attended a listening retreat with about 15-20 other women, which strongly impacted my relationship with God. As long as I live, I am certain I will never forget the tender moments I had with Jesus in that 24-hour period.
(Ask me sometime about my Beautiful Chair, and waltzing with Jesus!)
In recent years I have dreamed of hosting a retreat for women - modeled after the one I attended. And I am happy to say, God is bringing it all together. Because a new year often brings with it desires to grow spiritually, and cultivate spiritual disciplines, I want to invite you to consider attending this retreat with me. The theme of the weekend will be What Are You Waiting For?, and I will be speaking as we learn from Matthew 14:22-33. However, the focus of the retreat will be on listening to Jesus - as we spend concentrated time in His presence.

If this event sounds like one in which you would like to participate, please visit my website here for more information and to register.

Looking forward to what the LORD has in store for each woman who comes to listen.


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