Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Know Your Game Plan?



BASSakward Tales said...

oh sister i needed to hear that so bad this morning....i have been thru some trials and tribulations here lately, but this gives me hope...i have never read those verses, but i am going to go read them again....thanks....

Rachel - Heart Assessment said...

Trusting Him is KEY! I've missed you. :)

LisaShaw said...

Oh Karen,

You can't see my tears...

I needed this...

Yes, GOD is so kind and I'm so thankful that He has the game plan!

As I received a call from my big girl and subsequent emails of a situation. I cling to Matt 11:25-29 and Philip 4:19 and I will go re-read the Scriptures in Exodus.

I'm just so thankful that the PEACE OF GOD came over me as your message reminded me that I don't have to know the game plan I only have to trust the One who has the master plan -- GOD!

Thank you for being a true servant of the Lord.

Love you. I'm truly at peace from your message.

Miss your smiling beautiful face.

P.S. Hope you don't mind that I share this link on my twitter for others who need encouragement.

gianna said...

I LOVE how you are talking to us about God (in 3rd person), but you look up at Him -- like, you hear me right? Because this is what I believe!-- with complete trust!

Love you, Karen!

happyhome said...

Trusting Him with you! Though He doesn' often give me a game plan, He gives me enough each day to keep me going. I love Him so much for that!

Irritable Mother said...

Ginny - I am so glad God spoke HOPE to you through this today. He knows just what we need. Amen?

Rachel - I've missed you, too. So glad you stopped by!

Lisa - "I don't have to know...I only have to trust." That's right. And I pray the PEACE OF GOD will remain upon you, my dear sister!
Thank you for linking on Twitter. That will always be fine with me.

Gianna - Because He always hears us - whether we're talking to Him OR each other. And I am so thankful.
Love you, too!

Irritable Mother said...

Angela - Just enough for the day. That's really all we need. Sometimes, however, I'd like to see the whole plan rather than just the next play.
Ahhhh, but I'll trust Him because He knows best!

Patricia/NYC said...

WHat struck me in this post, is not only trusting that God holds the game plan, but also that game plan will only be executed IN HIS TIME!!!

Thanks, Karen!!