Tuesday, October 05, 2010

For Dori

When I was at the gIRL Gathering, I let it slip that I am a Barry Manilow fan. Kinda got into singing some of his songs. You know, to keep the gIRLs entertained. *wink*
Well, ever since then, it seems Dori has had Copacabana on her mind. So I did a little YouTube search and found it. The rest of you are welcome to watch, but - Dori, this one's for you! (And now I'm thinkin' of another song! *grin*)



Anonymous said...


You're awesome!!!!


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Loved that song back in the day!!!! What a flashback!!


O Mom said...

Barry Manillow? Seriously?

Irritable Mother said...

Dori - I hope that gave you a 'fix'. *wink*

Leah - I still love it. LOL!

O Mom - Yes. Seriously!
My brother gave my sister and I all of his Barry Manilow albums when we were young (I think because he got 'too cool' for Barry when he got a little older). I'm guessing it was my excitement to have my very own albums that made me start listening to Barry. And he grew on me. *wink*