Friday, October 08, 2010

Lessons from the Edge

It's OK to forget things sometimes.

Are you too hard on yourself?

Do you tend to chastise yourself for little things? Like forgetting to get an item at the store? Or forgetting to return a book to the library? Or forgetting any number of little things which have absolutely no eternal consequence - so you really shouldn't make a fuss about it?

I do.

And I'm not much different at work.

I forget to bring my keys with me when I need to get something out of storage.
Maybe I forget the joke-of-the-day when I'm making announcements.
Or envelopes. How many times have I walked down to the office and forgotten to grab an envelope or some other supply? (Although, since my office is so far from the rest of civilization main art of the building, I have determined that my forgetfulness will be good for my figure. I do LOTS of walking back and forth!)
It is not uncommon for me to make a self-deprecating comment regarding my mental faculties when these forgetful moments occur.

But the residents at Edgewood have taught me something.

Besides telling me it's OK to forget sometimes, I have seen them living out that grace. More than once, I have been with a group of them in conversation - where one of the group members has real and honest memory problems. This person will repeat the same story to us three and four times, and - rather than ignoring the story, or reminding the person she has already told it - everyone else listens politely and responds just as kindly the fourth time as they did the first three.
Forgetfulness is rampant among the residents at Edgewood and - although I don't have the same excuse as they do - I have learned it just doesn't make sense to get upset about it.

It's OK to forget things sometimes.

(And I am getting in the habit of writing more lists for myself, so I forget less. *grin*)



Anonymous said...

Let's praise the Lord for those "sticky notes" Have a wonderful weekend!

Debby Ann

gianna said...

could you tell that to my husband? Please? That it's okay to not be perfect!

Irritable Mother said...

Debby Ann - Yes. Notes are my friend. *grin*

Gianna - Send him over here. *wink*

izzy said...

Thanks for this post. Very meaningful..

Irritable Mother said...

Izzy - You're welcome!

Tamrah T. said...

Yes me too! Always forgetting and frustrated about it.Years ago, I used to write on my hand to remember things better. Then I had kids...ALWAYS washing my hands(strike that...notes)clean. Was a excellent idea...always with you, right (up to washing)? LOL! BUT I'M REMEMBERING AGAIN,... I haven't done that for years! See I forgot something, again;)

Irritable Mother said...

Tamrah - LOL! Thanks for the laugh, my friend. *grin*