Wednesday, October 06, 2010

He's So Insightful

Last Saturday my husband and I were sitting in the (sprinkling) rain watching Joshua's football game. I noticed the boys on the opposing team all had one pink sock on, and commented about it. Wondering why they would do that.
Brian said, "Well, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month."
OK. I got that.
But I'm sure the confusion reflected in my eyes as I said, "And seventh grade boys are concerned about Breast Cancer Awareness?"
My insightful husband smiled and responded, "At this age, boys are very concerned about breasts."

Yep. That's my man! *grin*



Jerralea said...

This cracked me up!

km said...

LOL! But, it had to be one of the mothers of the kids on that team that thought of the pink sock. Possibly someone they know is affected. Or they just saw the pink on their NFL heros.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

HAHAHA!!! Too funny!

Our High School football game is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness this week. They are going to "Pink Out", should be interesting. :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Jerri - Me, too! *grin*

KM - Yeah. I got to thinking there must be a mom involved somewhere. But the NFL idea is quite likely, too.

Jodi - I wonder how those 'tough guys' feel about all the pink. :)

gianna said...


yep! And I don't think they ever grow out of it!

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - LOL! I think you're probably right. *grin*