Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreams Do Come True!

So, when I signed off a week and a half ago, I promised I'd be back with stories and pictures from the Among Friends conference. What I didn't realize is when I took my camera out of the case to start snapping pictures, I would find that the SD card had been removed.
And not returned.
I consoled myself with the fact that my blog readers are all very gracious women, and you certainly wouldn't hold it against me if I didn't post pictures.

Suffice it to say, the conference was wonderful. About 800 women gathered together to worship, laugh, cry, listen and learn. We truly were among friends, and it was just what we needed.
And at the very end, it got even better!

Without my knowledge, two of my friends planned a wonderful surprise for me. They told Kathy Troccoli's event administrator that I sing lots of Kathy's songs. And she passed the message on to Kathy. As Kathy was saying her Thank You's to everyone who helped with the event, she mentioned that I had been behind bringing the conference to Trinity.
Then she called me up onto the stage.
And invited me to sing her closing song with her!
Friends, it has been a dream of mine to sing WITH Kathy Troccoli, but it was not a dream I ever expected to become a reality. Ever. But it did. And my friend recorded it on her phone.
Sooooo, I don't have any pictures to share with you, but I do have a video of me singing with Kathy Troccoli!

Think your dreams can't come true?
Think again!



Mary Voogt said...

One of the best parts of the whole weekend!!! You sang beautifully. So happy that God made your dream come true.

Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

How exciting!!!!!!

Jenni Swink said...

So Awesome!!!! I wish I could've been there!!

Karen Hossink said...

Mary - Thank you. I'm sooooo glad you were able to make it!

Heather - You have NO idea! *wink*

Jenni - We're talking about doing it again in 2015. Maybe you can make a trip to MI and we can do a repeat performance. *grin*

Sara K. said...

Oh my gosh, Karen!! I just popped over here today to see what you're up to -- and I cannot believe it! Your dream come true! Not only did you get to hug Kathy and hold her hand, you got to SING with her! What a sweet blessing from the Lord! :)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - So good to "see" you! I was thinking about you just a couple days ago. Thanks for popping over. :)
Yes, this gift was a sweet gift from the LORD. I still smile when I think of it. :)