Wednesday, March 27, 2013

God's Lavishness

OK, friends, I'm still thinking about it.

Still thinking about Saturday morning at Among Friends when I sang with Kathy Troccoli.

That was!!!

But it was unnecessary.
I realized that afternoon (as I was walking floating around with a great big smile on my face) God's gift to me was completely.unnecessary. And - to me - that is one of the reasons it was so wonderful!
I remember saying to Him several times, God, You didn't have to do that for me today. But You did it, anyway. Thank You!!!
Because I realized, in the grand scheme of eternity, me singing a song with Kathy Troccoli has virtually no value. It did nothing to balance the universe. It didn't bring about world peace. No one was cured of a disease just because I got to live my dream.

God's orchestration of that event was absolutely frivolous.

And that's why it delights me so much. Because I believe it is another indicator of His lavish love. God knew how much I would love that gift, and that's why He gave it to me. Not because of some amazing eternal impact, but because of God's lavish love which He desires to pour out on us.

I want to invite you to pause for a moment right now and contemplate God's lavishness. If you don't believe He is passionately in love with you, that nothing delights Him more than loving you, I want to ask you to stop what you're doing, close your eyes, and just imagine yourself looking into His eyes. Ask God to speak His love to you in this moment. Ask Him to show you His lavish love.

I'm praying for you, friend, that God will reveal His great love for you!


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