Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Joshua was telling Brian and I about his fishing adventures during dinner a couple nights ago. At one point he became quite animated, recalling a raft which was in the river - just like one he and his friends want to make some day.
He told us they were going to take it out for a ride, but didn't have time. And I commented something like, "That's a good thing, since it wasn't yours."
Joshua began to defend their intentions to "borrow" the raft by saying, "Well, no one was using it."

And that's when it got good.

I looked at Brian and said, "When I go to Meijer and see a nice car in the parking lot, maybe I should take it out for a ride - since no one is using it."
And Brian replied, "Yeah. And just think of all those things on the shelves at Meijer which no one is using. Maybe you should take those, too!"
We laughed, and Joshua rolled his eyes. But I wasn't finished. "Oh, and what about the car dealership down the road? There are lots of nice cars in that parking lot which no one is using!"
Finally Joshua interrupted, "OK. I get it."

Our point had been made.

After dinner, Brian and I congratulated each other on our witty lesson. And I realized once again that I am becoming quite the accomplished indirect communicator. *eye roll*


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