Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Never Say Never

I always think of this song when I say, "Never say never."
Ah, yes. An American Tale. My favorite movie from 1986!
Anyway, I found myself saying "never" to a certain possibility for many years. And now it's going to happen. So I have been happily singing this song for days.

That is to say, do you remember a while ago when I mentioned a vacation I wanted to take with my husband - but he thought it was too expensive? So rather than nagging begging continually listing off all the reasons we should go being a pest about it, I decided to be quiet?
Well, I am not sure what happened (Except maybe God was smiling on me!) but Brian recently suggested we take that vacation. He brought it up again, after I had stopped mentioning it, y'all!!!
You've got to know I jumped on it and we made our reservation.
And last night it got very real.
The confirmation email arrived with our cabin assignment.
Yes. Cabin - as in a cruise.
As in a 10-day Panama Canal - Caribbean cruise next January with Kathy Troccoli and friends.

And I am so stinking excited!!!
I never thought I'd get to go on a vacation like this one.

So, yeah. Never say, "Never."


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