Friday, March 09, 2018

Touched by the Holy Spirit

I usually write about Angel on Fridays, but not today.
That is, I visited her Tuesday afternoon, and enjoyed reading the Bible to her. But my heart is on another thought at the moment.
What I mean is - all week long I have been experiencing unplanned conversations, longer-than-expected interactions, heart-convicting messages, and urgent calls to prayer. And in each instance, I have wanted to be obedient to God's Spirit - saying what HE wanted me to say, doing what HE wanted me to do, being who HE wanted me to be.

God is putting a desire in my heart to be more like Jesus, relinquishing my control on my life and submitting fully to HIS.
Indeed. I want to be touched by the Holy Spirit, a faithful host to Him, His instrument.
Oh, the desire is there so strongly. Yes, my spirit is willing. But my flesh is so weak.
As God is shaping me and building Christ in me - I am becoming more and more aware of my pride, my tendency to judge, my self-righteousness. (Ouch! It hurts to put those confessions out here for everyone to see.) I am becoming more and more aware of my need for Him to change me, to make me like Himself. And my heart cries out, Yes, Lord. Please make me like YOU!

Yeah. So that's what has been on my heart lately.
Pray for me???


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