Friday, March 30, 2018

Touched by an Angel

Ah, some visits are kinda sad.
Angel is dealing with some kind of chest congestion, and was in bed and hooked up to oxygen when I visited her this week. I could tell her body was tired, and her spirit seemed worn out, too. She agreed to have me read the Bible to her, but not with the gusto she usually has.
So I opened up to Mark 1 and began reading at verse 29. I read about a Savior who healed people who came to the door of the house where He was staying. I read about a Savior who touched and healed a leper. And I continued through chapter 2, verse 12 - reading about a Savior who healed a paralyzed man in the midst of a sermon.
By this time, Angel was clearly asleep so I stopped reading. And I started singing.
Amazing Grace.
Jesus, Your Name is Power.
Soon and Very Soon.
It Is Well.
How Great Thou Art.
I held her hand and sang softly, tapping the rhythm with my thumb on hers. I thought of the Savior who healed so many. Who still does. Who will heal Angel one day - here or in heaven. And I realized, even in the midst of sadness there is joy.
Because of Jesus.

Yes, even in the midst of the sadness of today - Good Friday - there is joy.
It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!
Just a note, I am going to be "off" next week for Spring Break. The plan is to be back on April 9.
Happy Easter, friends. HE is risen!


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