Tuesday, August 16, 2011

But I Wanted it NOW

Have you ever had a moment when you thought God might have been speaking to you through the very words which were coming out of your own mouth?

That's what happened to me Friday night.

Joshua and I went to the store to get some fishing things he wanted, and then we were going to visit the pet store to buy him a hamster. (Because he NEEDS more creatures. *eye roll*) The 'get some fishing things' part went well, but it took quite a while. Such that, when we left the store it was past 9 o'clock. Which is the time the pet store closed.
Joshua was upset, because he really wanted that hamster. And he asked if we could drive past a different pet store, 'just to see' if it might still be open.
It wasn't.
Joshua had tears in his eyes and was obviously frustrated. Stores closing at 9 o'clock was "STUPID". He stomped on the floor of the van. And began ranting. In the calmest voice I could find, I said, "Joshua, it's OK. You'll be able to get a hamster tomorrow. It really isn't that long to wait."
Joshua slammed has fist on the seat and grumbled, "But I wanted it now!"
And there those words were again. Joshua, it's OK. You'll be able to get a hamster tomorrow. It really isn't that long to wait.
My reasoning seemed very rational to me, and I was hoping Joshua would understand. I was hoping he would give up the anger and disappointment soon, and just be glad for the new fishing stuff he'd gotten.
I mean, really.
He was going to have to wait 14 or 15 hours.
NOT such a big deal!

That's when it happened. When God used my words to speak to me.
I considered the many times I have wanted something. An answer to prayer. Direction for a decision. End to pain. Healing. Time alone.
I've had to wait for those things. The wait seemed like an eternity to me.

But I wanted it NOW!

I realized during those times God was likely looking at me, speaking quietly to my heart, Karen, it's OK. You'll have that desire soon. It really isn't that long to wait. But I was so busy pounding my fists and grumbling - I simply couldn't hear Him.
Something else happened in that moment, too. Suddenly, I had a little more compassion for Joshua's disposition. *wink*



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Great thought. I bet the people who work at that pet store did NOT think closing at 9pm was STUPID. I know when that last hour of the work day comes I can't wait for the big hand to get to the 12!! He will understand one day.

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - Yes. He probably will. Until then, I suppose we'll both learn a lot about waiting and being patient. *wink*