Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feeding the Addiction, er, Fish

7:00 pm - ish: I walked in the door from work, and Joshua asked me to take him fishing. I declined.
7:15 - ish: Joshua started looking on the internet for bait he could make to attract particular kinds of fish.
Asked if we had particular ingredients. Sorry - no creamed corn.
He wondered if I'd drive him to the store to get some.
Uh, No.
7:30 - ish: Joshua started making one bait recipe.
8:30 - ish: Still wanting the creamed corn, Joshua biked to 7-Eleven to see if they had some. (He'd tried calling, but they didn't answer the phone...)
8:45 - ish: Joshua called, asking what kind of corn he needed.
9:00 - ish: Joshua called again. 7-Eleven only had sweet corn. Joshua and his friend were going to ride to Meijer for the creamed corn. I started to object but he convinced me it would be OK. Alright. Be careful!
9:30 - ish: Joshua called again. They had the corn, but now something was wrong with one of the bikes. And they needed to be picked up.
What could I say to that???
So at 9:45 I was in the van - with two boys and two bikes - wondering if it would have been better to have simply gone to the store two and a half hours earlier and gotten the corn. Then I could at least be getting ready for bed at 9:45, rather than rescuing boys.

Which action feeds the addiction more? Giving in right away? Or coming to the rescue?
*sigh* What's a mom to do?



TheUnSoccerMom said...

oh, such a good question!!! I don't think there's ever a right answer though.

I'm loving that Joshua wanted to make his own bait and was willing to go get the ingredients himself! :o)

gianna said...

Maybe they should pay you to be their taxi! Then you both could get something good out of it!

Just kidding! (or am I?)

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - I think I need some of your enthusiasm. *wink*
You're right. It's good that he's being innovative and is into something 'good'. I'm just getting tired of the running around. (Or 'driving around' as the case may be.)

Gianna - You may be on to something! ;o)

Patricia/NYC said...

I agree with the Unsoccermom...there never seems to be a right answer in these situations, but for what it's worth, I think you handled it perfectly! :)

I too applaud Joshua's interest...sounds like it's developing into a real hobby/love...for him to want to go through all that trouble, he must love it! :) Never easy on the momma's though, is it? ;)

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - That's what makes this mothering thing so hard; the lack of black and white answers. *sigh*

Just got back from the store with Joshua. New tackle box, bait, and other fishing necessities. This hobby of his can be rather expensive. BUT he spent his own money tonight! ;P