Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Answered Prayer

OK, so last week I was on Facebook and I saw that one of my friends was having a bad day. I think she put it something like, "I've had a horrible, rotten, terrible day. I need a hug. And chocolate..."
That night I was praying for some Facebook friends (She was one of them.) and I mentioned, "Is it weird for me to ask God to give you chocolate?" Yes, I was being a little silly. But I kinda wanted to ask Him to give it to her.

Well, the next morning I was praying for Facebook friends again. (It's this thing I do. When friends' names and pictures appear on the left side of my page, I pray for them. Then I tag them in a post to let 'em know I've prayed.) Anyway, this same friend was on my sidebar and I prayed for her. This time I really DID ask God to give her chocolate. Or something special to let her know He was caring for her. As if I need to give God a back-up plan...
And that afternoon her post said she'd had a great day. Her son wrote her a nice note and left her a box of chocolates.
I smiled HUGELY and squeaked, "God, You did it! You really gave her chocolate!!!"
My heart was delighted that He had done such a sweet thing for her. *Totally intended that pun.* Because it demonstrated that God really does care about the small things.
He isn't only concerned about abolishing hunger and establishing world peace.
He doesn't only listen to us when we ask for 'important' things.
God won't ignore us when we come to Him with ordinary concerns.
He cares about every.little.thing.

Even chocolate for a friend!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

It really is soooo cool that He cares about every part of our life....small part, big part. He cares. He will even listen to us whine when we in one of those moods! Love it!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

With God, chocolate and caffeine ALL things are possible! ;o)

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - He cares about it all. And that knowledge gets me through a lot of 'stuff'. Love HIM!

Jodi - The chocolate certainly makes ALL things more enjoyable. *wink*

sheng said...

I wish I could have a positive answer to my prayer too, it is important and life changing for me. I hope you could visit me too!