Friday, August 19, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Naps aren't always that important.

I remember when my children were small, and nap time was sacred.
We're invited to go with you to the movies? Yea! Oh, it's at 2:00? That's nap time. Sorry. We can't make it.
Oh, I'd love to join you for coffee and cookies! At 2:30? Nuts. Can't do it. The kids need their naps.
Really? I won $1,000??!! I have to pick it up at 3:00? I'm going to have to decline. Can't miss nap time, you know!

So last week when I found out that one of our residents was taking a nap, I was in a quandry.
We had musical guests coming in - who had a reputation of being very good - and I had told C I'd make sure she was there to hear them. But just as the entertainers arrived and I asked B if he'd seen C lately, I wondered if I should keep my word, or not. B said she had gone to take a nap after lunch; that she was quite tired. And, like I said, naps to me are sacred. I wondered, Would it be unkind for me to wake her up? But I looked at my watch and reasoned she had probably slept long enough. I was going to get her!

If I was at work right now, I'd post the picture I took of C as she enjoyed the music. (It's on my work computer...) You'll have to believe me when I say, she had a wonderful time. And I was so glad to see her smiling.
But the real joy came after the performance was over. With tears in her eyes, C said to me, "Thanks so much for coming to get me for this!"
About five minutes later - when I saw her again - she repeated her thankfulness.
And I? Was thankful I didn't let a nap keep me from inviting C to the show. (She was awake when I went to get her!) Though I know naps are valuable, necessary even, C's enthusiasm about being at the performance that day convinced me, Naps aren't always that important.


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TheUnSoccerMom said...

We do miss out on a lot when we're sleeping... but I do so love a good nap! :o)