Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OK, God. I Hear You.

Some days I think God must look at me and simply shake His head. Karen, do we need to go over this again?
Oh, how thankful I am for His patience with me.

It was Friday night. Brian had a big test at work and was going to go out with some classmates after work to unwind for 'a while'. He called me to remind me of his plans. Of course, I'd forgotten. So I set into making dinner, not knowing if he'd be home to eat it, or not.
As I was getting everything ready, I started to run through my list of It isn't Fair.
*It isn't fair that Brian gets to go out after work tonight.
*It isn't fair that I have to come home every day after work and make dinner.
*It isn't fair that I tend to people's needs all day and have to come home and do it all over again.
*It isn't fair that it's so easy for Brian to go out and have fun.
*It just isn't fair. (pouty face)

Right about then, I turned to look at the time. The oven said, 11:11.
I wasn't making dinner that late. Our oven is just messed up.

As you may recall, 11:11 is my prayer cue for Brian. And as I looked at those bright green numbers on the oven, I was sure I heard God loud and clear. My dear child, please stop your whining. I may have a very good reason for your husband to be out tonight. I may want him to develop some relationships for My glory. I may want him to speak of Me to one of his co-workers tonight. Please don't whine about what you think is unfair. It would delight Me if you would pray for him, instead.

So I did.

And God changed my heart!



TheUnSoccerMom said...


To see the joy in everything is to see God's plan and it's purpose in our life.


I can SO relate to the "it isn't fair" deal. But you're right, things don't normally go "our" way and when they don't, I try my best to pray and realize it's all for God's glory and not my wants. :o)

Larie Writes-Proverbs 27:19 said...

Karen I know how you feel because God asks me all the time why He has to reteach me things! I just can't seem to get it on the first offeing! lol


Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - All for HIM, and NOT for me. Oh, to get that priority planted firmly in my heart AND head.
Like I said - so thankful for His patience with me! :o)

Larie - Er, maybe it's because we like to hear Him speak so much! LOL
I suppose there are other things He'd like to say...*wink*